eco warriors invade uk coal at lodge house smalley

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Re: eco warriors invade uk coal at lodge house smalley

Post #11 by newjcb123uk » Mon Dec 21, 2009 11:39 pm

Yes boys have your gripe and laugh - but you have to think of our planet and the damage we've done to it by living the way we do and have done over these self-satisying years. Mother earth is dying from the fossil fuels she has provided us but we have chose to burn them instead of concentrating on the more important factors like saving the trees. Trees are the life of this earth and have actual feelings (I have heard them cry as they are cut from this earth one by one) Please lets do our bit - join hands and hang up the keys to the vehicles of destruction - silence to the push of the bulldozer and hush to the growling polluting engines of our excavators. It is our time on this planet but it is not ours to enjoy now - we must work day and night comrades to save it not for us but for the future none of us will ever see - our childrens childrens children. Starve ourselves, live in solitude, go nowhere and do nothing anymore it is time to mop up the tears of the mother earth we have raped with our human greed :cry:

And if you think I mean one word of that then A Got Ya good :wave:
Bollocks - This is our time on this earth to use it for our generations needs - Eat, drink and be merry - We all only get one squeeze out of lifes juicy orange so make sure you squeeze it hard and get every last drop - slurp! :claphands: :P
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Re: eco warriors invade uk coal at lodge house smalley

Post #12 by Ross » Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:50 am

Well maybe they just wanted a tour of the mine and where back-Healed. :roll:

TBH they might have some Valid point's about Climate change (Altho I 100% disagree) Maybe they should try another method .. Like going straight to the Government and not disrupt the mine.

Funny how members on here Judge people by there actions alone ....

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