Bucket tip options & GET info

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Bucket tip options & GET info

Post #1 by SRB » Wed Nov 28, 2007 7:59 am

Not sure of the best place to post this, may need a new forum....

Bucket tip options for excavators and wheel loaders:

Sizing bucket tips:

Place a tape measure across the back of the tip at midpoint of the side walls.

Example: 3.0" (76.20 mm) measure is J300 family
Example: 3.5" (88.90 mm) measure is J350 family
Example: 5.5" (139.70 mm) measure is J550 family

The majority of the time, the second to last and the third to last locations in the part number identify the "J" size.ie: 1U3302 = J300 family

Base Edges
Look for severe bottom wear or scalloping between teeth. See following pages on measuring base edges.
Look for cracks beside adapters and in corner welds.
Look for cracks on top and bottom of rear weld.
Small cracks are not critical but should be watched. If they grow, they should be repaired.
Bolt-On Edges and Bolt-On Segments
Check for remaining protection in front of base edge. With bolt-on edges, pay particular attention to the amount of protection remaining at the front corners of the base edge.
Look at bolt heads on bottom of bucket. If any are beginning to look square, replace that segment or bolt-on edge piece.
Adapters, Tips, Pins and Retainer
With weld-on adapters, check for weld cracks. With bolt-on adapters, check for loose hardware.
Check for adapters with badly worn bottom straps. If tips are off, also check for worn adapter noses. With bolt-on adapters, look at bolt heads — especially rear bolts. If head is beginning to look square, replace the adapter. With weld-on bottom-strap and two-strap adapters, there are cavities in the bottom. When any adapter wears into this cavity, replace all adapters with similar wear.
Check for tips that are worn through on the bottom or cracked in the pocket area. Replace tips with either problem.
Do not re-use bent or badly worn pins or retainers.
Check for missing or broken retainers by tapping lightly on each pin. If pin moves easily, replace the retainer.

Standard Measurements & Metric Equivalent Measurements
Size Torque Size Torque
5/8" (0.63") 200 ± 30 ft. lbs. 16 mm 270 ± 40 N•m
3/4" (0.75") 350 ± 45 ft. lbs. 19 mm 475 ± 60 N•m
7/8" (0.88") 550 ± 65 ft. lbs. 22 mm 750 ± 90 N•m
1" (1.00") 850 ± 110 ft. lbs. 25 mm 1,150 ± 150 N•m
1-1/4" (1.25") 1,700 ± 220 ft. lbs. 32 mm 2,300 ± 300 N•m


1. Clean all surfaces of rust, paint, nicks and burrs.
2. Tighten nuts to listed torque spec.
3. Carefully strike plow bolt head with a hammer.
4. Re-tighten nuts to listed torque spec.
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Re: Bucket tip options & GET info

Post #2 by Nick Drew » Mon Dec 03, 2007 11:15 pm

Thanks for posting that info Stuart,

You know I have been operating excavators for over 25 years but I rarely think about the choice of tips available, this thread has cetainly made me think about them and I will be printing a copy of this stuff for my own records.

Thanks Stuart and keep up the good postings :thumbs_up:

Nick :mrgreen:

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