Conrad Liebherr R9800 shovel?

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Conrad Liebherr R9800 shovel?

Post #1 by Mark Williams » Sun Jan 13, 2019 8:49 am

Hello Everyone,
My long awaited Xmas present was the shovel version of the Liebherr R9800.
I already have the R9800 back-hoe.
I am still admiring the model,BUT I am rather disappointed in the few areas that have been left out , or cheaped out by the model manufacturer.
The models are very expensive & for the money, I would expect to get the same, if not better quality than the CCM models.
Myself having worked for Liebherr @ the oil tar sands as a technician, I can't understand how the company with its high standards,allowed the R9800 models to lack precise detail.
Plastic tracks?($100US for up-dated metal tracks by YCC)
Hydraulic hoses to cylinders?(steel hydraulic pipes should be on the cylinders) (see pictures of the real machine?)
Mirrors & cameras,or are they supposed to be cameras? (silver backing, surely it was possible?)
Conrad got it right, as regards the Liebherr R996 models(metal tracks)
The long awaited Liebherr R9150 back-hoe version, by WSI has been put on hold by Liebherr, as apparently some details don't meet the latest detail of the real machine.
I contacted the model maker, politely, of the quality or missed quality of the R9800 models & surprisingly, I got no reply.
I have wanted to add to my collection, the Liebherr T284C haul truck, but having looked @ the , again plastic used in the manufacture of the dump-box & its expensive price, sadly I don't think that Ill be buying that one.
I have lots of models by this company & I hope they will take some notice of what their loyal collectors want for thier money.
best regards,
Mark Williams.

Jeremy Rowland
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Re: Conrad Liebherr R9800 shovel?

Post #2 by Jeremy Rowland » Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:49 pm

Mark, sadly I don't think many manufacturers listen to what their customers ask for :thumbdown: however the upside is that from some of the models that I have recently seen (but not bought) do have some fantastic detail on them and are better than many of their predecessors, so there is always hope that construction models in general will get better. :thumbup:


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