How-to: Annotations in photos

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How-to: Annotations in photos

Post #1 by Holger » Sun Sep 06, 2015 10:14 am

As of today it is possible to put highlighting text directly in the attached photos! :D
This is very useful if you want to support someone with technical problems who has uploaded a photo of the part.
Just put an annotation in that photo and the refer to that annotation in your post.

There is a limitation though: the photo cannot be a "thumbnail". A thumbnail is a smaller view of a large photo. Thumbnails are automatically generated by the forum if an uploaded photo is larger then the allowed settings in the forum. (You can click on thumbnails and get the large version of the photo.)

If a photo has annotations you will see them when holding the mouse over the photo! You can see an example further down in this post!

For photos without the limitation mentioned above you will see small icons below the photos:


Hover the mouse over the first icon to show how many annotations the photo contains.
(You can see all annotations directly by holding the mouse over the photo.)

The second icon is a "plus"-sign. Click on that icon to add an annotation!

The third icon reloads the photo and the added annotations. This should not be nessecary as our servers are very fast.

Now, clicking the "plus"-icon adds an annotation to the photo:


Below the annotation there are two icons, the first one confirms your input and saves the annotation. The second one deletes the annotation.

You can change the size and location of the annotation by dragging the edges or the complete annotation to the prefered size and position:


Now input your comment and confirm


The result:


If you are not satisfied with the result you can RIGHT-click the image and then you can edit everything:


Dont forget to confirm and save your annotation!

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