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Gardner 5HLW governor problem

Talk about technical issues here. Questions and answers!

Jeremy Rowland
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Re: Gardner 5HLW governor problem

Post #11 by Jeremy Rowland » Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:32 pm

Fred for all the years I serviced Gardner engines we never bothered to check that; if you look on that picture between the two banks of three pumping elements you can see the aluminium cover that covered the fuel rack where it goes through each of the banks of the pump, this cover was missing from the only 8LXB powered truck that was run by H Fellows transport, as I said in a previous post this truck broke down it would not start. I simply tipped the cab over moved the rack which was stuck and applied plenty of freeing oil; job done even if it was a bodge. :)


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Re: Gardner 5HLW governor problem

Post #12 by nigelrbfurness » Tue Apr 11, 2017 11:15 pm

FOWLER MAN wrote:Hi,
Long time since I worked on these but have you lubricated the injector pumps :?: :?: :?: :?:

Don't bother with freeing oil, you wont spray it in there anyway :? :lol:

On the side of both injector pumps you will find a small screw, (2 BA) , I think. :think:

Inject about 30 cc. of engine oil into the three cylinder pump and 20 cc. into the 2 cyl. pump. (This should be done every major service).

This will lubricate the racks, or "sliders" as Gardner called them and also seep into the governor housing to oil the governor. :thumbup:

Thanks, Fred, as mine is a horizontal engine I guess the holes will be on the top? I've just had a look and I suspect the screws themselves are missing as I can only find what appears to be a small hole in the rack cover for each pump. I'll try injecting some oil in there and see if it helps the problem. I'm still getting used to the foibles of this engine and one of the problems for me is identifying the various external parts of the fuel pump and injection system - the Gardner book refers to various parts by name but other people seem to use different names for the same things! I'm assuming that what we call the rack is what the book calls the "fuel pump slider bar". I've looked in vain for an exploded diagram of this assembly as it would help me understand where problems might lie.

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Re: Gardner 5HLW governor problem

Post #13 by FOWLER MAN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 1:38 am

Hi Nigel,
It's hardly surprising you have a problem if the screw in filler plugs have been left open to dust, contamination and corrosion. The sliders and quadrants have probably dried out too. :think: Try the oil and let us know how you get on.

If you still have the problem I will talk you through some procedures that you will not find in any book which may get you out of trouble. :thumbup:

Back in the good old days,1960s, the company I worked for used to run Guy Big J six wheel tractors with Gardner 150 and Cummins 220 engines. They ran them up to 70/80 tons gross on low-loader work. :doh:
We always tweaked the torque settings on the Cummins injector units to give them a bit more power, ( fuel), when they came back from the test station. :)
I filed about 10 / 15 thou. or more off the fuel control trigger on the Gardner 150s to up their fuel and fitted them with Gardner 180 governor springs. :thumbup:
This improved the performance no end but it would be a definite No! No! in this age of emission control. :lol:


Topic author
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Real name: Nigel Furness
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Re: Gardner 5HLW governor problem

Post #14 by nigelrbfurness » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:21 pm

Thanks Fred, that's really helpful. I have oiled around as you recommended and found some 2BA cheesehead screws to fill the oil holes. It all feels nice and free now, I think the rack was sticking slightly at the very end of its travel towards the timing chain end of the engine. We will be taking the bus out on Thursday for a run so will let you know if that solved the problem. Thanks again! :)

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