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Re: Petter PH2

Post #11 by Land Rover » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:23 pm

Norm , yeah , I got her going again yesterday .
Long and short of it is the vertical stack meant for a grey Fergie was almost entirely blocked with carbon :oops: :doh:

I didn't stretch to new rings and just put the piston I removed back in as was . One of the exhaust ports was bad with carbon and I lapped the valves in although they werent too bad .One of the injectors was carboned up and seemed to be almost completely blocked . I'm thinking I was running on as good as one cylinder since I got it . I cleaned up the outside of the injectors and started dismantling them - I just measured the adjuster clearance with a calliper and re set them to the same depth . I didn't get right into the injectors but by the end I was getting a proper spray pattern out of them and a nice plink .
New gasket set and did the tappets , couldn't help but notice massive play in the rocker arms . The bearings or bushes must be well gone .
Got it back together with the exhaust now just a straight through pipe and she started up eventually . It was a pig to start :dizzy: It's running very clean and I'm now getting a tiny trickle out the spill ( ? ) pipe on top of the injectors which I never got before . I'll need to ask about to see about getting the injectors set , but if it starts easy enough tomorrow i'll maybe just leave it be :thumbup:

What would be the downside if I slackened the injector adjusters half a turn each ?. Would that put too much fuel in ?.

Thanks Norm and others , the machine lives again :thumbup:

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Re: Petter PH2

Post #12 by mechman » Sun Jun 23, 2019 11:27 pm

I always send injectors to them that know, same as the pumps.

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