JCB 3c 11 advice wanted

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JCB 3c 11 advice wanted

Post #1 by Michael L. » Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:47 am

Hi Guys
I am new to JCBs and this fourm. I have recently purchased a 69/70 3c11, white cab windscreen sloped outwards from dash, I know very little about these machines. I am asking about hydraulic oil level. I cannot see any where on my machine a guage. I saw on a 3c111 with a clear pipe inside the cab to see the level. I am told on my machine the level should be near the hydraulic filter, i suspect if it is a clear pipe it has been replaced with a non see through one.
So do i have any way of telling how much oil is in it, or where is the level and can I avoid overfilling, and if i do is it any harm as the machine has a couple of weaps.
Any tips/tricks for tightening up pins on back bucket, I have replaced the bushings in the eyes of the bucket, and when i strech the bucket out all the way it sometimes locks and i have to force it against itself to release it. I release its old and joints are worn, but sometimes there is solutions. All advice and suggestions welcome.
Thank You

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Re: JCB 3c 11 advice wanted

Post #2 by Robban_C » Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:40 pm

Hi and welcome! :thumbs_up:

I don´t know that much about your machine but I might be able to give you some advice anyway.

In case you overfill the hydraulic tank there is always a risk that there will come oil out of the hydraulic tank ventilation when all cylinders go to their retracted position but you really have to overfill it quite a lot to get that result as there usually is some air above the normal level.
I´m sure that someone else will tell the appropriate way to check the level soon.

About sloppy buckets:
This might give you some ideas:
Mounting expanding axles to reduce loose fit
I also know that there are methods of welding inside the holes and then grinding/reaming them to their original size. There are even special tools for this.
Are the pins themselves worn? In case they are much worn you should consider replacing them with new ones. OEM spare parts or home made ones.
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Re: JCB 3c 11 advice wanted

Post #3 by martyn williams » Sun Nov 04, 2007 3:20 pm

Hello Michael
buckets/dipper can be rebushed,also in the past I have welded in new bosses if the bushes are very worn. Make sure all the grease ways are not blocked up when you have done the repairs. On hydraulic oil,I used to top it up with the machine in the "travel" position.If you over fill it will come out of the breather.

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