JCB 3c 11 advice wanted

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JCB 3c 11 advice wanted

Post #1 by Michael L. » Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:30 pm

Hi Guys
I am new to JCBs and this fourm. I have recently purchased a 69/70 3c11, white cab windscreen sloped outwards from dash, I know very little about these machines. I am asking about hydraulic oil level. I cannot see any where on my machine a guage. I saw on a 3c111 with a clear pipe inside the cab to see the level. I am told on my machine the level should be near the hydraulic filter, i suspect if it is a clear pipe it has been replaced with a non see through one.
So do i have any way of telling how much oil is in it, or where is the level and can I avoid overfilling, and if i do is it any harm as the machine has a couple of weaps.
Any tips/tricks for tightening up pins on back bucket, I have replaced the bushings in the eyes of the bucket, and when i strech the bucket out all the way it sometimes locks and i have to force it against itself to release it. I release its old and joints are worn, but sometimes there is solutions. All advice and suggestions welcome.
Thank You

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