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Need UTB Universal V-445 or LONG 445 service or workshop manual

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Need UTB Universal V-445 or LONG 445 service or workshop manual

Post #1 by Isapull » Tue Feb 01, 2011 11:35 pm

I would kindly ask for help in finding service or workshop manuals for UTB Universal V-445 tractor. There are many links in the net for paid download, however I would prefer to get it for free from a trusted source, what this forum for me is. If someone of the forum members has got the manual in .pdf format, I would be glad to be shared with.

I have the Universal V-445 tractor MY1983, however there are some problems with it and I need to solve a couple of mysteries. Namely, PTO clutch seems to rusted stuck, so it doesn't allow to switch the PTO gear in, while engine is running. Need to find out how to fix the problem without taking the tractor apart. And the other, injection pump leaks, probably some sealing problem, need to know how to properly take the pump off and put back.

It would be best if someone uploads the document to this forum.

W/ best,


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