My Thwaites(?) 3Ton!

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Re: My Thwaites(?) 3Ton!

Post #11 by essexpete » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:11 pm

The Peters had disposable filters before that era. I am surprised the Listers did not have them. Our now long gone Lister CS had a kind of washable gauze/felt coiled hose in a removable canister and that was from the 50s.

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Re: My Thwaites(?) 3Ton!

Post #12 by singlemalt » Thu Sep 17, 2020 7:21 am

FOWLER MAN wrote:Hello again Matt,

I should have said that some of the PJ engines were fitted with full flow filters in an external canister as an option, so you may have been supplied with a filter element in error.
My dumper didn't have one and if as you say you can't see an external filter canister, (which would be quite obvious), yours will be the same.


P.S. The crank case inspection covers will be opposite side to the injector pumps as would the filter canister if fitted.

Many thanks for that Fred - haven't bought an oil filter yet so I'm OK on that front. I can see there are three panels, the centre one with the dipstick poking out of it, which is also the most accessible (the other 2 are partially obscured by the starter motor on one end and the dynamo on the other).

I have a new air filter - which seems to be the same as a Land Rover air filter from a 200 or 300 tdi in a Defender! And I've got new hydraulic and fuel filters on the way.

On another note - would anyone have an idea about what type of brake fluid for this machine? It looks very old and grotty in the reservoir and I want to change it. I'm guessing something pretty standard, but dot 3 or 4?

And also transmission oil - any ideas of best option there?

Thanks again for the help.

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