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Dick Hampton

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Re: Dick Hampton

Post #181 by topkit » Wed Mar 15, 2017 2:44 pm

I overlook the original part of the A21 where Dick Hamptons scrapers would have been working hard, I was talking with our local farmer last weekend and his fields were split by the A21 going through them, He was telling me that one morning he was ploughing when he witnessed two scrapers collide with one ending up on it's side with it's wheel still spinning, Apparently the two operators didn't hang around to explain anything they went straight to the nearest bus stop to save themselves being sacked ! If anyone has any photos (come on Big Kit) I would love to see them.

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Re: Dick Hampton

Post #182 by duncan » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:13 pm

The one I remember or to be more precise I was involved in repairing the machines, at Bentley 2 stock-cars (Euclid's with a four wheel prime mover) crashed head on at full speed on the Horsham by- pass in the dust I was told the operators passed each other midair no great fuss no enquiry just get on moving the dirt

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Re: Dick Hampton

Post #183 by mcp76 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:18 pm

There is a 30 minute film produced by the then Scottish Development Department (Roads Division) from 1966 on the construction of the M74 motorway from Hamilton to Uddingston which features Dick Hampton's earthmoving operations on it prominently.

I've seen the film recently and there's extensive footage of Hampton's D8s (with no cabs) pushing and pulling a fleet of 435G and 463G boxes around the Lanarkshire countryside, as well as RB and NCK draglines loading muck to dump trucks (couldn't make out the dump truck models - Euclids maybe?). Atkinson dump trucks featured as well but as far as I could tell they belonged to Christiani-Shand JV. Huge embankments being constructed to amazing tolerances by these great men, profiles and batter rails everywhere not a GPS in site :D

As well as Hamptons, the film features Christiani Shand, Tarmac, Wimpey, Road Reconstruction Ltd., Raymond's shell piling gear is featured as are West's (who became Westpile).

The plant on show is great, including D4 through to D8 dozers, 435g and 463g boxes, 22 and 38RB cranes for piling and concrete work on the bridges, various dump trucks, Blaw Knox paviors and Aveling Barford rollers.

Unfortunately, only a very short segment of this film is viewable online and that features just the short rigid pavement concrete motorway section south of Hamilton - http://movingimage.nls.uk/film/4994 - however anyone who really wanted this full video can contact the moving image people via the website and they'll sell you a DVD copy for £20.

Thought this info might be of interest.

Mark Williams
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Re: Dick Hampton

Post #184 by Mark Williams » Sat Jun 24, 2017 8:09 am

Hello Everyone,
This is a great topic & an interesting read.
It would be nice to see a photo of the man Dick Hampton on here.
When I started out as an operator for F Shephard' Hill @ an early age on the Rhumney group of open cast coal sites in South Wales, in the early 80s, there was a 4 wheeled towed trailer parked on the side of our site on an old private deep mine level which was yellow & had Dick Hampton written on it . I must admit, I didn't know for years who this company was & certainly how big his company was. I was always @ that time in awe @ Blackwells & of course Merriman & Meighan & their saying, High Speed Muckshifting. I used to buy construction news every week to keep me up to speed.
I spent some time on my way home in the summer when working a 12 hour shift with Shephard'Hill, watching CA Blackwells Caterpillar 631Cs & tractor & boxes, with my first time ever seeing scrapers with just fly screens, back filling the Taylor Woodrow Trecatty opencast site. I got to know their fitter quite well, who was from the Earles Colne area & I just couldn't comprehend how they could work 6am until 10pm Monday to Friday & 7am until 4pm Saturday & Sunday.
I parked my car one night alongside the site to go & watch the scrapers working. It was a fair walk up over the tips of the now Miller Argent opencast site, which is of tips & derelict land with lots of deep holes around the site. All of a sudden looking down about 40 foot into this crater, was a Cat 631C. I went & told the fitter, I cant remember his name,(Dean, or Neil, rings a bell) but I can remember this big giant of a man. It was out of fuel & he reckoned the local kids must have knicked it & just let it free wheel into the hole. There was no damage what so ever to the scraper. I never did find out how they got it out of there, but my guess is that it would have been a difficult recovery.
Mark Williams.

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