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Post #1 by Mark Williams » Wed Apr 20, 2016 7:41 am

Hello Everyone,
This was a small heavy equipment plant hire company from South Wales in the late 60s & 70s.
It was owned by some of the directors of F Sephard'Hill & Comany,who were still very active in their positions,so I would have thought there was obviously some agreement with in both companies.
The plant they had @ the time I remember as a young boy were Tractors,Motor scrapers & scraper boxes.
I can remember playing,illegally @ the ARC Conblocs works @ Penderyn South Wales 1 weekend in the early spring & all Jackim's plant was parked up in a disused part of their quarry.
The plant,as I plainly remember was 3 Caterpillar D8H dozers,1 of them had a hydraulic blade & the other 2 had winch blades.All of their 4 dozers had rear winchs on them.The dozer I was most fascinated with was a Terex 82-80,with ROPS style cab,as I had never seen 1 of these Bulldozers before.
There were 4 Terex TS 24 Motor scrapers, 3 of the later style & 1 that was the earlier Euclid style.All the Terex plant was in the their green colour.
There was 3 Caterpillar rope type pulled scraper boxes.
I can remember the Irish plant fitter that used to work for this company,he had a navy blue Jackim's Ford Transit diesel van.
Because this plant was hidden away in this quiet part of the quarry,even @ my young age I was surprised,that all the windows in the equipment wasn't smashed by other kids with stones & I can honestly say,that's how I left them :thumbup: .
Perhaps Fowlerman remembers this company?
Hope this is of interest,
Mark Williams.

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