Thrown out every couple of minutes! :(

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Re: Thrown out every couple of minutes! :(

Post #11 by TrevorJ » Tue Mar 22, 2016 7:22 am

Dah -- Everyone has a choice around what websites to visit so there's little point criticising it! Just breeds negativity.

I don't think it's criticism, it's more frustration for some members here who are unfortunate enough to have their browser hiccup and run amok trying to use a particular site. I get the same sort of thing frequently at other places on the web, but I won't go into which sites I have to use Midori or another browser, if and when firefox then qtweb fails, or when I have to ban a "nasty" helper site, or a CDN server address in my host file to let a web site load.

Having worked for a couple of years on a popular computer help site in the early 2000s {before they brought in silly ranking points etc,) one thing stuck me was the inability or willingness for some people needing help, to ACTUALLY follow the steps to diagnose and rule out other problems; and then often refusing to post whether they tried or not. [This forum though is full of people who would regularly diagnose and run tests doing the same sort of thing fixing machinery themselves so ... it shouldn't be a problem here, the trouble shooting process is very similar.]

The simple steps. (well apart from just using a different non MS browser to see if the same problem exists with it as well.)

Make sure you know your current password. If you've relied on being logged on for so long you've forgotten it, reset it. If the email you used long ago to create your account is also dead; as well as forgetting what the password was, you need help from the site's staff to set a working email.

If you know your password:

Clean the cached files and delete the cookies for machinery network

The link on the bottom of the sites page ucp.php?mode=delete_cookies

Manually, the browser you use should be able to list all the cookies, and it should be possible to delete all the cookies under ""

[Note: deleting cookies of ALL of the sites in the browser means that all the places on the web that "remembered" you being logged in or various personal settings will generally be removed.]

Try now to see what happens. If logged out again after a few minutes, go back and delete the cookies again this time manually, go back to the start of trying to log on.

If manual deleting cookies still didn't work, then:

Most good browsers have a delete cache option ... often buried in the menu somewhere, but not always. You may have to google to find out where in the file system your system stores the cache, and manually delete it.

With both the cache and cookies cleaned up, log in again.

If the same problem happens and you are logged out in a few minutes ...

Try qtweb, it's free and small.

Once set up either installed or as a portable, log in.

If you are logged out after a few minutes again, = your ISP or something in your system is resetting your dynamic IP assigned when you when you first made an internet connection. [This is a serious problem, as this obviously is not happening when you visit other forums, which means a deliberate move to thwart access to such sites. Check computer for rootkits first and Trojans. If all clear, then try using an encrypted proxy (do not block cookies or objects) to access the site. If that works, then most likely the ISP has put CMN on their naughty list. BTW, if that works, please let everyone know what ISP is doing this so they can be properly avoided in the future.]

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Re: Thrown out every couple of minutes! :(

Post #12 by bigkit » Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:48 pm

All well and good but I got lost after the first paragraph! I understand why you need to continually upgrade now but I did prefer the old format, sorry.

Keep persevering though, I have to log on more often now rather than staying logged on, a small frustration but not a big issue.

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Re: Thrown out every couple of minutes! :(

Post #13 by Dah » Tue Mar 22, 2016 8:42 pm

Agreed Trevor - understand the frustration. Great information too!


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Re: Thrown out every couple of minutes! :(

Post #14 by TrevorJ » Wed Mar 23, 2016 6:22 am

Yeah Dave, I run an old XP sp2 setup, so I pretty much run into little frustrating problems all the time when I'm surfing the web. There's been a big jump in the last couple of months for the number of times each night I've got to fire up qtweb when Firefox won't display a functional page. I guess more and more of the web is going pure html5.

Clive try the portable version of Midori and see if you get booted -- just out of interest to test if it is something else like your ISP. (I use the installable version and with my version of xp -- it throws up serious looking error boxes a couple of times, but it works - I use it to get access to gmail, qtweb unfortunately fails there.)

Another further thought:

Another issue which might lead to cookie issues is the systems (computer) time. (Possibly time zone as well though I've not struck that.) I have struck that with a win 10 system where 2015 was entered instead of 2016, there there was no clue to why the user can't either visit some pages or log in properly onto sites that otherwise display. Older systems like XP flag that sort of mismatch.

I am not sure if win 7, win8.x notify "odd" system times or not, if the system time is notably different from the real time.

Anyhow, to those having log on issues, I'd suggest checking the system's time (ie the date) just to be sure, along with the time zone. [time / date is easy to set, just right click of the mouse over the time, and there should be a menu entry for adjusting the time and date. ]

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