Liner Roughrider dumper - Recirculating ball steering

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Liner Roughrider dumper - Recirculating ball steering

Post #1 by afairwea » Wed Nov 04, 2020 1:18 pm

Hey all,
I've got a Liner Roughrider 1250. When i bought it, it had a steering problem like it was skipping a gear (at that point i didnt know it was recirculating ball steering) so i took the cover off and found a stack of ball bearings lying in the bottom of the case.
So then my hypothesis turned to, maybe the reason it was skipping was due to having spat a few balls out.
Either way, i now have some extra ball bearings to put into it. The new problem is how to get the ball bearings back into it... and to stay in it!
I've watched a couple of videos on replacing balls in a recirculating ball steering system, however, all of them require access to the recirculating tube to feed the balls into. This concept is great... except this part of the worm nut faces the back of the casing.
So if anyone has a Liner dumper and has come across this before, please please let me know! its driving me mad!

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