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hiab help

Post #1 by hiluxman » Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:13 pm

I have got a 3.5t dropsider with a crane on it, according to the paperwork its made by aim hydraulics usa.

anyway i have had a problem with it working intermitently

so after a play today i can conclude.

the crane works when it wants
it seems to work then pack up, leave it for a while then works again.
it is prodoninantly worse on raise and lower function but all functions stop eventually
the pump is fine
the electric contactors seem to work for each function.
the hydraulic valves operate as the crane comes down when you pull the lever (i you get me)
when it works i can here a selonoid click on the pump but not when it doesnt

is it safe to justify to go and buy a new selonoid or does anyone think it maybe something else???

(i think the crane works by pulling the valve lever when triggers a switch which then sends power to the pump)

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