Takeuchi TB 016 Pivot Pin

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Takeuchi TB 016 Pivot Pin

Post #1 by roosterdad » Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:13 pm

My first purchase of any heavy equipment was this Takeuchi TB 016. I gave loved it.

The pivot pin broke and the dealer is quoting me $320 plus shipping. I wonder if anyone could help explain a couple of questions I gave.

1) I have a Tag bucket with a thumb on the aux. I assume that makes it wider and I probably don't have/need the stock original pin

2) my aux pedal was sticking and I had to remember to tap it with my toe to release. I assume that was not good for the pin!

3) is there any well-known place to go to to get this pin for a lot less than 350 bucks.

4) if I have to go to a machine shop, what is the steel spec? I think I've seen 4140 mentioned elsewhere.

5) the thumb seems bent a little. Not sure how that happened. A) will that make it hard to get the pin back on? B) is that easy to straighten or am I going to break it by pounding on it?

Thanks to all!


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